About Us

Academy License Center (ALC) Contractors School offers home study courses for all applicants who are interested in learning the information they will be asked to successfully pass their California State Exams.

ALC opened its online ‘doors’ in 1998 becoming one of the first Contractor Schools to offer educational courses and services available for purchase on the internet.  The internet has changed a lot since then, but our friendly people-oriented service has not.  Our founder is an experienced leader and innovator in small business, and started helping Los Angeles area contractors get licensed in 1980 by directing one of the leading contractors schools in Rosemead, CA.  Through vision and execution, ALC’s pioneering efforts have contributed to the growth and success of the educational services industry- but more importantly, we have enabled the growth and success of our students!

How we’ve changed over the years:

Image of ALC website from 2003


Back when you could order your course on VHS, cassette, CD, or one of our shiny new DVDs.

Academy Website of 2008


One of our many web updates.

Image of ALC website from 2012


We changed from academylicensecenter.com to acadctr.com and revised the site.

We’ve been online for:

… that’s before PayPal and Wikipedia were founded.