Application Processing Services

Take advantage of our more than 30 years of experience in assisting contractors with their applications. We know the pitfalls that can occur when filling out CSLB applications, and we know what the state is looking for. Let us streamline your application process for a much lower chance of rejection by the CSLB. We take your application information, including your work history and review it in detail. After our review we make suggestions for corrections if needed. Next we fill out your contractor application, laser print it for clarity, and then send it back to you to review and sign. With your signature(s) on the application, and your state application fee in th amount of $300 included (payable to: REGISTRAR OF CONTRACTORS), your application is ready to be submitted to the CSLB.

Receive $15-$25 off the cost of Application Processing when you purchase a Contractor’s Course From Us at the same time! (Coupon automatically appears in cart when both a qualifying course and application processing are selected).