Summer – A Great Time for a Contractor’s License!

Summer – A Great Time for a Contractor’s License!  Summer is a great time to get your contractor’s license.  If you’re wondering why… let me explain.  To begin with the Contractors State License Board (CSLB)usually doesn’t get as many contractor license applications during this time of year largely due to the fact that many contractors are taking advantage of the good weather and working hard to complete construction projects.  That means if your one of the lucky applicant’s applying for your contractor license in the good old summer time… your chances of getting a quicker test date are much better. However that will quickly change as we approach the fall season.  What’s on everyone’s mind as we enter the fall is “Back to School” time.  Naturally a lot of contractors start thinking about getting their contractor’s license before the end of the year arrives.  Another great reason to apply for your contractor’s license in the summer is so you don’t miss out on the great opportunities for work. There are so many construction projects that go on during the summer. Especially while the weather is good and there’s no rain to worry about.  With your contractor’s license in hand you can go after the bigger projects or take on those construction jobs on the side that you have wanted to do, but perhaps put off because you didn’t have your contractor’s license.  If you need a final reason… all of our contractor courses here at Academy License Center (ALC) are currently available at discount prices for all contractor trades.

Recently I heard from one of our students that he got his contractor license test date notice 2 weeks from the time he mailed it in! This is pretty shocking news when you consider the usual time frame is approx. 6-8 weeks.  He said he sent it in on August 10th and got a notice in the mail on August 23rd.  His test date is set for September 4th.  This further validates that applying for a contractor’s license in the summer, can increase your chances for a quick test date.

Could this be a new trend for the CSLB or did he just get lucky?  We’d like to hope the CSLB is getting quicker processing applications for a faster test date. However, it’s possible our student friend just got lucky… the CSLB may have had another applicant request to change his test date so an open spot became available.  Contractor applicant’s can request to change their test date for another time if they pay a re-test fee of $60.  We’ll keep our eyes and ears open for any more news on contractor license application processing time.  Keep checking in and we’ll keep you posted.

We offer an excellent application process that can help you avoid making mistakes that can cause delays on getting a test date.  Feel free to order your contractor course by phone or online at  We hope you will contact us with any questions, we are here to help and look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

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